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Parenting Coaching

Many parents who reach out for support have read parenting books. They find themselves discouraged and confused about why their child's meltdowns and the day-to-day challenges of parenting don't play out at home like they are laid out so neatly in those books.



These experiences are not the fault of the books or the experts who author them. They just couldn't possibly describe every scenario and response!

"I used empathy but he didn't melt into my arms in tears?!

"I've tried everything and she's still hitting me and her little sister!"

"I worry I am messing up every day. Am I ruining my child?"

Together we can do it

This is where I come in: You need personalized support from someone who gets to know you, your background, and your family. I can then help you apply the skills you've learned, adjust the ones that aren't working, and guide you in what to do differently. Because there's one thing for sure in parenting: there is always a next time.

Together we will figure out what pushes your buttons and why, as well as build skills for self-regulation so you can respond instead of react. I will offer you tailored approaches to increase connection with your kids, leading to more cooperation. I'll guide you through how to welcome your children's feelings and coach them through those oh-so-big emotions.

During our virtual coaching sessions, you will feel validated, supported, and empowered. You will walk away with an action plan of next steps and how to handle future tricky situations with your family. I will follow up after each session with an email that highlights discussion points and provides additional resources, such as website links or book recommendations.

Parent Coaching Rates

$150 hour

Parent Coaching Packages

$435 - 3 Session Package
$840 - 6 - Session Package

Mother and Child

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