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Since I founded Becoming Peaceful in 2016, I have created and taught many parenting workshops, including:

  • Peaceful Parenting 101

  • Rethinking Discipline

  • Becoming Playful: A Rough & Tumble Play Workshop

  • What The Yell Am I Do? How to Stop Yelling!

  • Surviving Sibling Struggles

  • Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook Group – 8 week series

  • Connect and Restore

  • Moms Supporting Moms – Support Group & Coaching

  • Dads Supporting Dads – Support Group & Coaching

  • Radical Self-Care: It’s Not Pedicures & Massages

  • Creating and Sustaining Connections

  • How to Keep Siblings From Killing Each Other

  • Regulate Yourself! How to be a Calmer and More Effective Parent!

  • Empathy: Your Greatest Parenting Tool

  • How to Set Limits with Empathy

  • Five Quiet Mornings – Mindfulness Workshop Series

  • Peaceful Kids Connection & Support – Kid’s Support Group

  • Making Sense of Your Child’s Anxiety – Three Part Workshop Series

  • Coming Out of the Dark: Pandemic Recovery for Parents

  • The Power of Letting Go



Stay tuned for future events 

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I offer these options in person here in San Diego and surrounding cities and virtually for groups all over the world. If you or your group is interested in scheduling a private workshop, please contact me.

Stay tuned for future events and be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be notified first of upcoming workshops.

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