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I’m Lisa. I am a social worker, a mother of a 6-year-old girl, and a parenting coach.
As a young professional, I started working with children with developmental disabilities one-on-one as an academic and social-emotional coach. I also worked as a behavioral coach with families in the foster care system, which helped expose me to many everyday challenges parents struggle with as well as the ways that trauma can impact attachment and connection. While attending graduate school for my Master of Social Work, I discovered hospice work and fell in love with the role of supporting patients and families through their end-of-life experience.
Once I became a parent myself, I dove deeper into the research on attachment and connection to help me better understand what kind of parent I wanted to be. My love for reading, education, and service helped to create a community of like-minded parents around me. I became one of the go-to parents for suggestions, support, and empathy. I believe that being a parent is the hardest work we will ever do. Using my knowledge, professional experience, and personal journey as a parent, I began to coach other parents to develop happier, healthier, and more peaceful relationships with their children.
I trained with Dr. Laura Markham of Aha! Parenting and am a Certified Peaceful Parenting Coach.