Happy Family

“Lisa is the most amazing woman and parent resource.  She is thoughtful, loving and completely non judgmental.  I have gone to Lisa with everything from nap troubles to tantrum coping skills.  Most recently Lisa has been an incredible resource for information and help transitioning to two children, preparing my first and myself for the changes and giving me a ton of compassionate support and ideas.  I can’t say enough about Lisa.  She is a wealth of knowledge, encouragement and LOVE.” – Kristen S.

“Lisa has been such an integral part of my transformation and continued journey to becoming the parent I have wished I had when I was a child. She provides empathic guidance which makes me feel heard and not alone. I’m breaking the cycle and I am so incredibly blessed to have met her and have her in my corner. I thank you so much, Lisa.” – April O.

“I will confess to being a parenting book junkie. I feel so lucky to have discovered Peaceful Parenting early in my parenting journey. But while I have benefitted from the writings of Dr. Laura Markham and Janet Lansbury (among others), I quickly learned that parenting a toddler or two requires hand on training and real time advice. I had a decent grasp of the principles, but it has become clear to me over time that living up to my parenting ideals wouldn’t be possible without a sounding board and advisor who could speak to some of my more specific challenges and give me feedback on parenting decisions I struggled with. There have been so many moments of “but Dr. Laura never mentioned THIS in her book!” For these moments and more, I am extremely grateful for Lisa’s services, and I think my husband and children are, too! It is impossible to do this parenting gig alone, and it’s hard to find other peaceful parents to bounce ideas off of. Lisa gives me advice and input I can trust, and inspires me to be the best version of myself. Do you need an unbiased third party to give you advice other than “just give him a good spanking?” Of course you do. Contact Lisa, like right now. She’s got your back, and your kids’ backs.” – Nicole F.B.