I am beginning the thirteenth series of Five Quiet Mornings on August 9th, 2021.

We meet each morning for thirty minutes at 7:30 am PDT. 

Parents tell me often that many of the mindfulness tools they know work to improve self regulation are difficult to start and hard to sustain.

I know that’s true. I’ve been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years and have had years in which I was very diligent and months in which I couldn’t sit still for a moment.

I will lead us through meditation, followed by a brief parenting pep talk on a peaceful parenting topic, then offer a journaling prompt providing time for us to each privately write. We will close with some breathing exercises.

You won’t have to say a word. Just enjoy quiet reflection.

I feel so strongly about these practices and the proven impact they have on ourselves and our families that I am offering this opportunity for only $30 for the entire week. Following your registration, you will receive a Zoom link.

Here is some feedback from parents who have participated in the past:

” I can’t recommend this experience enough. I had a really hard week- lots of big emotions personally combined with all the BIG things happening in our country. It was a really nice way for me to start my day. I shared with Lisa how much I believe this helped me regulate my emotions and spend the week mindfully with my children. ❀️ I will for sure rejoin in a couple weeks. “

“I have to say, that I am not at all a morning person, but I was excited each morning to get up and participate in this group. I was a little skeptical about how much good it could do, but was pleasantly surprised to find that each and every day I discovered something fairly profound going on within me that I was then able to address and work through, or at least start the process of doing so. The class was warm and relaxed (aka, I never felt bad showing up just rolled out of bed) and kids came and went as they needed without disruption. Bonus: after the first day, my kids actually gave me those 30 minutes without interrupting me (I may not tell them it’s over πŸ˜‚) This experience absolutely made me a better person and parent this week. Thank you Lisa 😘”

 I loved this too! Once I was up, I was happy to be up, and enjoyed the quiet time while my family slept. I really think it contributed to me having a very calm and patient week. Thank you, Lisa! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

“Highly recommend. Exactly how you want to start every morning, and let it flow through the entire day.”