Mom and Daughter1

It has been my experience that parenting is the hardest job there is! I know that is also true of the parents I work with and others I talk with in the community. I am always reminded that any other job we have provides us with training, support, and often a mentor to help us learn the ropes, figure out what to do, and how to handle tricky situations. But we don’t get that as parents!

While new parents do get advice from others, often before the baby is even born, and while there are aisles of parenting books available, how do you separate the good advice from the bad? And how do you find time to read all those books? Or perhaps you have already read the books but struggle with putting the ideas into practice?

This is where I come in. I am a parenting coach who has the education, experience, and knowledge to be that mentor to you as you navigate the unpredictable waters of parenting. I have taken the classes, read the books, the evidence-based education, and have the insight, strength, and hope to share from not only my own family but also others I have worked with thus far.


Coaching is a little like therapy but much more informal. We will work together to help you meet your parenting goals, in a way that works and that respects each member of your family. I give you the opportunity to talk through your challenges, and then I use my knowledge, training and experience to put together a plan that addresses your concerns and helps you meet your goals. We will talk periodically to check your progress, and adjust the plan as needed.


Coaching is a little like going to your older sister for advice but provides you with added confidence that the advice you’re getting is evidence-based and sound.


Some of the areas that people seek coaching in can include: bedtime, sleep, meals, meltdowns, aggression, discipline, sibling rivalry, and even just getting out of the house in the morning. Coaching will provide you with an opportunity to share what’s going on in your family, your joys as well as your struggles, and you will walk away feeling truly heard and with a step by step guide of how to solve reoccurring issues.


We all need support and you deserve the best tools to embark on your parenting journey!



“The best parents are not those who know all the answers, are convinced of the rightness of their way, and never swerve from it. They are the ones who are sufficiently tuned in to their child so they know when something they are doing isn’t working.” ~ Ellyn Satter, Child of Mine