Join me and an intimate group of parents as we work through this amazing workbook. Whether you are new to Dr. Laura Markham’s work or have been practicing peaceful parenting for years, there is so much growth to be found in these pages. I discovered Dr. Markham when my daughter was a newborn and have always parented this way, albeit not perfectly by any means. I’ve read both of her books many times and I spent six months in a very intensive training with her. Even with all of that experience, knowledge, and self reflection, I cannot tell you how much I got out of working through this book. I personally found the work to be profound and transformative … but hard. It requires willingness to dig deep and I think a guide and support help is to work through it. That’s why I wanted to take other through it. Last year, I took a group of 15 mamas through the book as well as one private coaching client.

I learned a lot going through it with that group last year. I have so much gratitude for those mamas being my guinea pigs as I tried out different formats, different amounts of work to complete between meetings, and how structured the group should be. I learned A LOT. First, we need a smaller group. I will accept 10 parents maximum. We will be sharing vulnerability and having a small, tight knit group inspires confidence in one another. Second, I ask that you be committed to the work. Come to group with your work completed and be willing to share and to listen.

Lastly, be open, willing, and honest.

How it works:

✨You register for the 8 week group below.

✨We have a free 15 minute screening call to ensure we are both on the same page.

✨You buy the workbook.

✨You get to work. There will be a short section you will be asked to complete before our first meeting.

✨We will meet every other Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at my classroom

in North Park beginning on January 23rd, 2019.

✨There will also be an optional private Facebook group

where we will share resources and have discussion in between meetings.

              ✨Investment of $195/person.

✨That’s less than $25 a session!✨

What you will get:

✨More education and parenting tools than you can even imagine✨Increased emotional intelligence✨

✨New outlooks and approaches✨

✨Self acceptance and love✨Support and encouragement✨Laughter✨Nine new very close friends✨