Peaceful Parenting 101

FamilyDue to popular demand, Becoming Peaceful is now offering a webinar version of the wildly popular Peaceful Parenting 101 class held monthly in San Diego, California. Lisa recorded a webinar version of the course complete with the PowerPoint presentation so you can follow along as she speaks. The talk runs one hour and offers an overview of the Peaceful Parenting model, in depth discussion on each of the three parts of the model, a discussion on the tools of preventative maintenance, and many practical tips and tools throughout the presentation. You will walk away feeling empowered and excited to apply new principles and skills right away!

Plus, each parent who purchases the online webinar receives a free 15 minute coaching call with Lisa via telephone or Skype to ensure that your personal questions are answered.

Working Together


Becoming Playful! A Rough & Tumble Workshop

Learn to rough and tumble to avoid a grumble!

There’s so much science to support roughhousing to decrease meltdowns, improve connection, and increase cooperation. Many parents are hesitant to roughhouse with their children, mothers in particular. They aren’t sure how to go about it, where to start and how to end. Join me online to learn more about why and then watch demos to practice with your own children. I promise laughter, decreased stress, and a surge of oxytocin – the bonding hormone!

Once you purchase the class, you will receive a registration link. After registering, you will be immediately directed to the recording. I encourage you to watch the very short lecture portion with your partner and then watch the demo videos with the entire family pausing after each one to practice with your own children making it an interactive experience!

Working Together


Rethinking Discipline: Peaceful Strategies to Achieve Lasting Results

Join me, Lisa Howe, MSW, Certified Peaceful Parenting Coach, to discuss what discipline is and what the research says about different types of punishment. I will discuss what works, how we can get our children to cooperate, and I will share many tips and tools to help you along the ways. You will walk with empowering tools and peaceful strategies to use at home.


Working Together


How to Talk to Children about Death

No matter how much experience you may have with loss, this is an area that parents so often come to me for help.

How do I talk to my child about death and dying?

What do I say?

What should I not say?

I share about how different ages experience and understand death and how to best answer their questions. I cover do’s and don’ts as well as offer suggestions for additional resources.





Surviving Sibling Struggles


If you are a parent to more than one child, you know that witnessing your children interact with each other can be both heartwarming, touching, frustrating, and challenging! In this workshop, I discuss what causes sibling rivalry, ways to reduce sibling competition and jealousy, and ways to encourage cooperation between your children. I will also discuss how to respond and intervene in sibling fighting. Workshop is appropriate for parents of children ages 2-10. You also receive a free 15 minute coaching call to have your questions answer as well as a handout entitled, “A Script for Intervening in Sibling Fights”.