The key to making it through this uncertain and challenging time is,
as it always is (sorry…), self regulation.

Parents tell me often that many of the mindfulness tools they know work to improve self regulation are difficult to start and hard to sustain.

I know that’s true. I’ve been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years and have had years in which I was very diligent and months in which I couldn’t sit still for a moment.

For five mornings at 7:30 a.m. (PDT), June 1st through 5th, we will gather together on Zoom and work through several mindfulness tools together.

I will lead us through meditation, followed by a brief parenting pep talk on a peaceful parenting topic, then offer a journaling prompt providing time for us to each privately write. We will close with some breathing exercises.

You won’t have to say a word. Just enjoy quiet reflection.

I feel so strongly about these practices and the proven impact they have on ourselves and our families that I am offering this opportunity for only $25 for the entire week. Following your purchase, you will receive a Zoom link.